What is PPD?

PPD stands for permanent professional development. We assume that all working people would benefit from regularly assessing whether their skills sufficiently match the requirements of the rapidly changing job market.

Who is PPD suitable for?

PPD is suitable for all working people and jobseekers who have some sort of link with the cultural and creative sectors, as well as working people with an employment contract, freelancers and jobseekers.

How do I know whether I work in the cultural or creative sector?

If you work at a company or organisation which belongs to that sector according to the so-called SBI codes, you will be able to submit a PPD application.
You can find out which industries and SBI codes apply here.

The Platform ACCT logo is shown on your website. What exactly is that?

This stands for the Cultural and Creative Future Job Market Platform [Platform Arbeidsmarkt Culturele en Creatieve Toekomst. It is an initiative by the entire sector and is supported by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and the most important cultural organisations in the Netherlands. It was set up with just one goal, namely to improve the job market in the cultural and creative sector.

Is PPD also available for freelancers?

Yes, it is available to all working people in the cultural and creative sector(s).

Are any conditions attached to the awarding of PPD?

Limited conditions apply. Your application must relate to professional development and you must demonstrate that you have a relationship with the cultural or creative sector in the Netherlands.

Which types of professional development are eligible?

Many types are eligible, from formal educational programmes to learning networks.

What does co-financing mean for me?

PPD is structured in such a way that a PPD contribution is matched with a contribution from the employee and employer (1/3×3).

Do I have to pre-finance the training myself?

If you wish to receive a financial contribution from PPD Tool you will have to submit an application via this website when your training starts. We ask you to pre-finance the training yourself and ask for the PPD contribution when the training is completed, by sending us the invoice and proof of payment (bank statement), certificate, diploma or own statement. If the PPD contribution exceeds € 1,000.00, you can apply for an advance.

Can you set up the co-financing by my employer/client?

No, we assume that you will do this yourself.

Does a maximum deadline apply in terms of implementing my development plan/training after allocation of the financing by PPD Tool?

Yes, we assume a deadline of 1 year, starting from the start of your pathway.

Does a maximum apply to the contribution I can obtain from PPD Tool?

Yes, the maximum contribution is € 2,000.00 per 12 months. If your development pathway lasts longer than a year, we assume that you will submit a new application each year.

How can I contact the PPD organisation?

You can send an email to

Can I communicate with you by post?

No. After you have submitted your application, all communication will take place by email and it is essential that you use the application number issued to you in all correspondence.

I am a sole trader but have taken a temporary job outside the sector due to the restrictions. Am I still eligible for a contribution?


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