Definition of cultural and creative sector (according to SBI code)

Arts and cultural heritage
7990 Travel information and booking agencies
90011 Performance art
90012 Producers of performance art
9002 Performing arts services
9003 Creative arts
90041 Theatres and concert halls
91011 Public libraries
91012 Art lending library
91019 Other cultural lending centres and public archives
91021 Museums
91022 Art galleries and exhibition spaces
9103 Monument conservation
94994 Cultural networks

Media & entertainment
4761 Bookstores
4763 Audio and video recording stores
5811 Book publishers
5813 Newspaper publishers
5814 Magazine publishers
5819 Other publishers (not of software)
5821 Computer game publishers
5829 Other software publishers
59111 Film production (not television films)
59112 Television programme production
5912 Facilitating activities for film and television production
5913 Distribution of films and television productions
5914 Cinemas
5920 The creation and publishing of sound recordings
6010 Radio stations
6020 Television stations
6321 Press agencies
6329 Other information services
74201 Photography
90013 Circus and variety shows

Creative business services
7021 Public relations agencies
7111 Firms of architects
7311 Advertising agencies
7410 Industrial design
8230 Organising congresses and trade fairs

8552 Cultural education
85521 Dancing schools
85522 Artistic education for amateurs (not dancing schools)

Heritage & archaeology
7220 Research and development work in the field of archaeology 
or advising on the cultural-historical aspects of existing buildings in the context of urban planning.

NB. Due to the scope of activities covered by SBI code 7220 it may be necessary to supply additional evidence in order to assess whether businesses in this category are active in the field of archaeology or heritage. Independent archaeologists are expected, for example, to be registered in the ACTOR register.

SBI codes – Werktuig voor Ontwikkeling – PPO