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Working continuously on your professional development is important for your long-term employability and earning capacity within the sector. If you invest in your professional development, we will invest with you. This site makes it easy for you to submit an application for co-financing for your development plan. We refer to that as your PPD, or Permanent Professional Development. Our approach involves focusing first and foremost on your development needs, on not working with fixed training providers and on giving you the freedom to choose the type of development that suits you best. Whether this is individual, collective, classroom training or a peer to peer pathway, you choose and we facilitate.

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More than anything your professional development is, of course, something you have to work on daily, often in cooperation with colleagues. It is, however, a good idea to reflect occasionally on the question whether you will also be happy in the slightly longer term with the direction you are heading. Are there aspects of your work which you need to work on and which are becoming increasingly important? Have you noticed new developments which offer opportunities, but which you have scarcely come into contact with during your training? Are you meeting inspiring colleagues with whom you are very keen to find out more? Do you believe there are opportunities to develop rapidly as a group? Although we cannot foresee the diversity of development needs and types, we are keen to facilitate their realisation.


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If you have a clear idea of how you want to develop as a professional, this site makes it easy for you to submit an application for a financial contribution. We will respond within 5 working days so that you quickly know what your options are.

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